Jan 11

The Beginning of a Makerspace

Consider this part one in a series of posts related to the creation of a makerspace at Bayside Middle School.

Makerspaces are popping up everywhere. They’re in public libraries. They’re in children’s museums. They’re in schools and school libraries across the country. Now, one is growing in my school library. Last school year, prior to my arrival, the groundwork was being laid for this idea. A very cool green screen studio/podcast room was created and several Lego Mindstorm kits were purchased for use with some of the students. Earlier this fall, the push moved on, with encouragement from district leadership. The district technology specialist, GT teacher, and I met to figure out how to proceed with our interest in a Makerspace. The support of administration was key to us moving forward. We put together a presentation explaining what a makerspace was, why it can be beneficial for students, a potential budget, and what our vision was moving forward. The district leadership team was supportive of the plan and while they didn’t necessarily have an open check book, suggested we look to our Education Foundation for financial support.

We tweaked our presentation, created a cool video (see below), and presented to the the Board of FPBS Education Foundation in early November. After the presentation and many questions, they were on board with the project, but weren’t ready to commit a definite dollar amount just yet. They needed to talk more, but said they would be in contact. After several emails back and forth, we were thrilled to find out they were ready to start supporting the creation of a makerspace with a pretty substantial amount. We were on our way. Now, the fun (and challenging part) begins.

Here’s our splash video that was shared with interested parties.